I teach a variety of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level that span the full spectrum of the IS curriculum, including IS Strategy and Innovation, IS Management and Project Management, IS Technologies, Application Development (with Java and C#), Web Design and Development, Web Analytics, and Electronic Commerce

Undergraduate teaching

  • MIS10040 Web Design and Analytics
  • MS112 Business Application Development (VB)
  • MS113 Information Systems Technology
  • MS117 Information Systems and Project Management
  • MS221 Advanced Application Development (Java)
  • MS320 E-Business Technologies (C#)
  • IS3317 Electronic Commerce
  • MS411 Current Issues in Information Systems Research
  • MIS3004s Management Information Systems

Postgraduate teaching

  • MIS40680: Managing Strategy and Innovation in a Digital Era
  • MS40890 Business Information Systems Management
  • MS815 Advanced Application Programming (Java)
  • MS878 Management Information Systems


  • MSc (Research) – Daniel Scott, NUI Galway 2012-2014
  • MSc (Research) – Peter Geraghty, Smurfit Business School, UCD, 2016 – present